Firecrackers And War Toys Prohibited

As preparations begin for the traditional Christmas Season, importers and merchandisers who are in the process of acquiring seasonal goods for sale, are reminded that it is illegal to import, offer for sale or make available firebombs, firecrackers and scratch bombs.

Over the years it has been the practice of business owners and vendors/peddlers to offer for sale such items. The Royal Grenada Police Force is concerned about this practice and appeals to such persons to refrain from the importation and sale of same. Apart from its use being prohibited, firebombs, firecrackers and scratch bombs can result in deadly consequences and property damage.

As it relates to war toys, the general public is reminded that the ban on the importation and sale of such toys is still in effect. War toys (Swedish Play Council) is defined as “all playthings which are used to solve conflict, gain power or win through violence and which aim to wound or kill.”

The general public is reminded that police officers are tasked with the responsibility of confiscating military clothing and war toys from businesses, vendors and persons who possess them.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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