Government Advises On Travel To Ebola Affected Countries

The Grenada Government says it remains committed towards protecting its citizens as the world races against time for an urgent solution to stop the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Health Minister Clarice Modeste Curwen plans to raise the issue of a joint OECS position on the matter when she attends the regional health ministers meeting in St Vincent and the Grenadines today, Wednesday 15 October.

With mortality rates climbing in the affected countries and the potential of spread becoming more and more imminent, the Government is contemplating a decision to temporarily suspend the issuance of travel visas from the following countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

This decision to consider a possible position is being made against the background that there is no readily available vaccine to protect ones-self against the disease, no available medicines to treat the condition and the recognition that the introduction of one case of the disease could potentially undermine the health and financial infrastructure of the entire country.

Amidst tougher immigration and border control restrictions currently being employed in some countries and also contemplated by others, the Government is pondering the measure in the best interest of safeguarding the public health of the country.

The Government of Grenada is advising persons who decide to travel to the affected countries with the intention to return despite this advisory, that they will be subjected to strict screening and other health and safety measures at our ports of entry, and urges its citizens and other persons living in Grenada to desist from all non-essential travel to the above mentioned countries.

The government, the Ministry of Health, and key entities and institutions will continue to put in place the necessary structures to respond as adequately as possible, to any introduction of the disease into our country, and will continue to regularly monitor and update citizens on the situation with Ebola throughout the world in order to take appropriate actions.

More information on the Government’s response to the evolving Ebola situation can be found at government websites:, and on the Ministry of Health Facebook

Source: GIS

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