Imani Undertakes Small Business And Journalism Training

“A foundation has being set from which you can build,” was the message from Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Veda Bruno-Victor to almost 60 young people who participate in two basic training programmes undertaken by the Imani Programme.

Addressing the graduation ceremony for the Small Business Enterprise and Introduction to Media/Journalism, Bruno-Victor told them that basic training is a required element for personal growth and development, and now that they have achieve the basic it is for them to make effective use of the knowledge gained during the exercise.

Speaking directly to those who completed the media training, she challenged them to go out and bring stories to their audiences that will not only be interesting for the audience but also to them as the reporters. “If you want to bring good news, you must go out and find the news,” she told the group of mainly young men.

During the welcome, Norman Gilbert, Programme Manager for the new Imani Project said that all those who participated in the media training will be placed at media houses, where they will be able to ‘develop and grow,’ while there will funding made available for those who participated in the small business training.

Among the sessions for those who participated in the small business training were the various legislative requirements for registering a business; Preparing a Business Plan; Management and Recording Finances; Costing and Projection and Sourcing Funds.

Some of the topics media participants covered were: fundamental of writing articles/stories; interviewing principles and techniques; media ethnics; laws directly impacting on the work of journalists and the impact of social media. They also had the opportunity to observe a press briefing, a session in diplomacy and an interview with a young media broadcaster.

The graduation ceremony was held at the National Stadium on Thursday, and all those who successfully completed were presented with a certificate of achievement.

By Linda Straker

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