Lands And Survey To Solve Road Issue

Minister Nickolas Steele

The issue of who owns a piece of land where a road is being constructed in the River Road Housing Scheme area, will be solved based on records and a survey to be conducted by the Lands and Survey Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The construction of the road has become an issue because one homeowner is claiming that the road is in her property and was not consulted before the project started, and she has no idea if she will be compensated for the loss.

Nickolas Steele, Member of Parliament for the Town of St George said that work has stopped on the project and that the Unit will work towards solving the issues. “The Lands and Survey Unit will do the necessary assessment to confirm who is the rightful owner of the land because all along we were told that it is State property. However, if someone has now come forward and claimed otherwise, it is now up to them and us to prove otherwise,” he said.

“We are going to search the records and the findings will determine the next step,” he said while giving the assurance that the road will be built. “Once the rightful owner is established we will move forward with the project. If the State is acquiring a piece of property there is a procedure for acquiring it and that involve payment, so once the facts are established we will work with that, but rest assured that the people will have the convenience of the road, it may just take a little longer,” he said.

By Linda Straker

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