MAREP Grants $650,000 To Community Organisations

The Market Access and Rural Enterprise Development Programme (MAREP) has selected 9 organisations to access the Rural Investment Fund (RIF) and implement projects in 6 of its target communities – River Sallee, Mt Craven, Mt Rich, Clozier, Florida, La Tante and New Hampshire.

EC $650,000.00 in grants will be disbursed to 9 Community Organisations in the first phase. The organisations are:

  • Clozier Development Committee
  • Florida All Stars
  • La Tante Development Organisation
  • Mt Craven /Mt Rodney Disaster Environmental Preparedness Mitigation Organisation
  • Mt Craven/Mt Rodney Women’s Organisation
  • Mt Rich Youth Cultural Environmental Developmental Organisation
  • North East Farmer Organisation
  • River Sallee Father’s Organisation
  • River Sallee Women’s Organisation

Five projects were approved under the Social Window: Rehabilitation of ‘malaria’ drain, Solar lighting of a playing field, Fencing and solar lighting of community center grounds, Training in steelpan tuning, and Construction of bathroom facility and Restoration of Information Center at Historical Relic.

Four projects were approved under the Enterprise Window: Manufacturing of wet seasoning and sauces, Development of Tourist Trail and Information Center, Production of Organic Fertilizer and Manufacturing of local fruit juices.

The objective of the RIF is to empower local communities, community organisations and producers’ groups by strengthening social capital and increasing income through implemented projects focusing on poverty reduction strategies.

MAREP is pleased to have reached this stage of implementation in the program. Organisations are now poised to begin their projects geared to reducing poverty and vulnerability in their respective communities.

For further information, please call 442-0100 / 0105, or EMAIL:, or Fax: 442:0104.

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