“Spice Divas” To Jump Start Nutmeg And Spice Festival

Nutmeg – king of spices

A number of Grenadian female vocalists in various genres will be in the spotlight at the Spice Basket on Saturday 22 November, where they will entertain the public in what is described as the gala event that will jump start the 2014 Pure Grenada Nutmeg and Spice Festival.

The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) has approved the inclusion of the Spicy Divas event which will feature performances of original and cover songs by female singers including: Sonika Mckie, Laura Lisa, Zeleka Peters; Valene Nedd, Christel LA Guerre, Janelle Bain, Tamara and Mandy.

The Spice Rock Band will provide musical support for the Concert which will be followed by an After Party. Peter Radix, who a member of the organisers of the event, said that the idea of the Divas in concert came about because of growing number of Grenadian young women who are getting showcasing their talents during the carnival season and at other event.

“We believe that the concert will provide an opportunity to showcase our rising stars, our young ladies who are performing in all these different genres and in some cases they are not well known, this concert will give me more exposure locally and hopefully beyond,” he said.

Promising that the event will bring together the best of ‘Spice Divas’ on the stage, Radix said that it events of this type that will assist in developing the entertainment industry which can provide various types of employment. “The entertainment industry has built many places and there is no reason why we should not do our part to benefit from that sector,” he said.

By Linda Straker

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