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Spicemas Corporation

15 October 2014: Several corporate citizens were hosted at a breakfast organized by the Spicemas Corporation on Tuesday morning where they were given the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the operations of Spicemas for 2014 and the prospects for 2015.

The occasion, which was geared to attract partnering for the 2015 festival, provided an overview of the value of Spicemas as a viable investment and signaled the need to attract and foster relationships with Corporate Grenada that can result in tremendous benefits.


The meeting was hosted by the Spicemas Corporation as an early indication of its preparation for the 2015 season. The Chairman of the Corporation, Mr. Alister Bain revealed the financial and historical data of Spicemas 2014 that would have placed it in a light of being a sound investment for the corporate citizens and the need to grow and develop the concept into a seasonal festival. He highlighted a number of areas of increase participation that resulted in increased revenue, in spite of the increase expenditure as opposed to 2013.

The value of Spicemas and its Global reach were significant components of the presentation and the fact that the economy is heavily enriched within the July to August period resulting in a lucrative spending of millions. Spicemas was described as the largest economic period annually that should be considered as a significant factor in the investment plans of our corporate citizens.

The minister of Culture and Heritage, Sen. Brenda Hood alluded to the fact that Spicemas, like most carnivals in other countries, has the potential for sizable income and can attract millions of dollars from the many visitors to our shows. The Hon. Senator cited Caribana in Toronto as an event that is responsible for billions of dollars in spending in the Canadian economy, with most of the spending coming from visitors for the event.

The corporate grouping expressed the willingness to see Spicemas develop and suggested ways in which the corporation can strengthen its team to enhance its operation for the future. A series of other engagements with other interest groups is part of the plans of Spicemas going forward.

Government contributes approximately $700.000.00 to Spicemas with National Lotteries Authority, LIME and Grenlec being among the other major contributors. Spicemas was able to attract over 7900 thousand patrons to its largest show; LIME Soca Monarch, representing an increase from 2013.

Spicemas extends thanks to the Grenadian by Rex for sponsoring Tuesday’s breakfast and also to the large number of corporate citizens for their time, suggestions and participation. An early media launch is planned for early December for Spicemas 2015, August 10 and 11.

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