Cabinet Reshuffle Coming

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

New ministerial portfolios will be announced, when Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell makes a significant address to the nation on Thursday.

A statement from the Government Information Service said that the Prime Minister is expected to address issues for the upcoming budget, as well as adjustment to ministerial portfolios.

“The changes will be consistent with the government’s aim and objectives for the coming period, including its emphasis on employment generation, youth empowerment and housing,” states the release, which explains that the address comes as the government gets ready to enter its crucial third year in office.

The reshuffle will be the second since the New National Party cabinet was sworn into office, following the February 2013 general election. The first reshuffle only had the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture being moved from Hon. Alexandria Otway–Noel to Sen. Brenda Hood.

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