Christmas Traditions Reflect Ancient Saturnalia

Frequently, at this holiday season, we discover obvious similarities between the Christmas traditions and the ancient Roman Saturnalia. When we understand that this ancient Roman observance was celebrated close to the winter solstice, the association between Christmas and the feast of the ancient pagans becomes more obvious.

December 25th has been celebrated as a holiday in pagan worship from antiquity. In fact, one of the names given to the Saturnalia series of royal festivals in mythology was Paganalia! Possibly this is the origin of the term Pagan Worship, that is often conferred upon false, unscriptural worship of any kind. Please see Larousse’s Encyclopedia of Mythology, page 219.

The Saturnalia was a festival popular in ancient Rome, and observed for a duration of from five to seven days, beginning with December 17. This pagan festival was characterized by unrestrained festivity. It began with a religious ceremony to honour Saturn, which was followed by an immense, gluttonous feast. The etymology of the name Saturn means abundance.

Historians have clearly established the December 25th was anciently a pagan sun worship observance. Let us view the following quote carefully: “The choice of December 25 was probably influenced by the fact that on this day the Romans celebrated the Mithraic feast of the Sun-god (notalis solis invicti), and that the Saturnalia also came at this time.” (Article, Christmas, Collier’s Encyclopedia).

Almost every reference work confirms, without hesitation, that holiness attached to the December 25th celebration does not come from the Bible, but must be traced to ancient idolatrous sun worship. Many of the Christmas traditions observed today include – eating of pork (ham), Christmas dolls, Christmas trees and lights, the mother and child nativity, the Yule log – all of which have their roots in paganism and not in the teachings of the scriptures.

When secular writers join with the ecclesiastical writers to label the observance of Christmas as totally pagan, should not individuals, who want to serve the Heavenly Father Yahweh faithfully, feel deep revulsion? When they freely acknowledge that the Saviour’s birth never occurred on December 25th, should we then perpetuate such a gigantic hoax and outright falsehood? If you have wondered why a myth like Santa Claus, with such prevaricated deception that accompanies it, could have taken firm hold on society, you should now be able to discern that the entire observance of Christmas is false from start to finish.

Christmas is not named in the Scriptures. It has never been sanctified by Almighty Yahweh. Mankind cannot make it holy, however fervently the people observe it. So, should we continue to take part in such idolatrous revelry when the facts stand proven that these traditions were invented to honour pagan idols? Absolutely not! If we wish to please Almighty Yahweh, we must evict every vestige of idolatry from our spiritual lives (Revelation 18:4).

Paul Nicholas

Assemblies of Yahweh


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