Alston George Park Upgrade Underway

Work has begun on the refurbishment of the Alston George Park in Victoria St Mark.

This project was initiated by the parliamentary representative of St Mark, Hon. Clarice Modeste–Curwen, and is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Sports.

The refurbishment of the field includes improving the drainage and surface of the field.


The top soil is being removed as workmen press ahead on a major project aimed at leveling the field. Gravel is being used to create a sub-surface to assist in the drainage. Officials say the sloping field and the rough surface were impeding sporting activities at the Alston George Park.

In addition to the new surface and drainage system being created, drains are being constructed around the park as part of the upgrade.

The upgrade, which began two weeks ago, will last for about a month and will not be accessible to the public until new grass covers the surface of the playing field.


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