Decline in ChikV Cases

Grenadian health officials are reporting a further decline in the number of reported cases of Chikungunya (ChikV) on the island since the outbreak earlier this year.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in the Ministry of Health, Dr George Mitchell, told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Monday, that the Ministry’s national epidemiological data indicated two reported cases of the illness throughout the entire state in the last epidemiological week (EW) 48.

He said in recent times, there were strategic interventions geared towards combating the disease. He added that some of these included source reduction of mosquito breeding sites, fogging and ongoing public education.

In the previous update, it was erroneously stated that EW 45 had reflected 8 cases, instead of 12 which was the correct figure. This was due to a late submission of data by one institution.

According to the CMO the ChikV cases in Grenada have further declined to 2, three weeks later, based on the data.

Meanwhile, health officials are appealing to home-owners and individuals to continue playing their part in reducing possible mosquito breeding sites, by covering and properly disposing all water holding containers, while at the same time keeping their surroundings clean.


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