No Cash Transactions for Government this Friday

Ministry of Finance, Financial Complex, Saint George’s

2 January 2015 will be a “no cash transactions” day for all government offices, due to Section 10, Rule 88 of the Financial Rules. 

In accordance with the Financial Rules, the Annual Board of Survey to examine the Government’s Treasury Cash, Bank Balances, Stamps and Stores, will be conducted on the first working day of the New Year — that is, Friday 2 January 2015 in the Government Ministries/Departments, including the Revenue Offices, the Customs Division and the Treasury Cash Office.

“The public is asked to note that as a result of the survey being conducted, no [government] cash transactions will take place between the close of business at the end of the year (31 December 2014) and the completion of the survey, on 2 January 2015 (Financial Rule #93),” said a news release from the Ministry of Finance.

This means that Revenue Offices, the Customs Division and the Treasury Cash Office will be closed on Friday morning to facilitate the survey, but will reopen upon completion of the survey during the course of the day.

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