50 New Libraries for Primary Schools

Primary Schools in Grenada will receive 50 new libraries over the next three years.

The announcement had come from Mr Michael Sherwood, the main sponsor and contributor for Grenada Schools Inc. — a non-profit organization that has partnered with the Sherwood’s Local Trust, Hands Across the Sea, Rooms to Read, and the Government of Grenada, to implement a literacy support programme for Grenada.

This three-year programme seeks to build foundational skills for reading and develop a culture of reading among students in Grenada.

Telescope School Library
Telescope School Library

The programme will provide professional support for teachers through training in methodologies for literacy instruction, establish school libraries, including the provision of training in library management, and provide high quality reading materials by developing culturally-relevant books in collaboration with local authors and illustrators, and through access to low-cost printing.

Mrs Hermione Baptiste, who represented the Grenada Reading Association, a local NGO working to promote reading among the nation’s youth, welcomes the initiative as one that would broaden perspectives and awaken imaginations.

Education Minister Hon. Anthony Boatswain indicated that literacy and numeracy are critical tools for national development, indicating that “collectively we can work towards the enhancement of education in Grenada.”

Chief Education Officer Mrs Andrea Phillip says the initiative is a wonderful partnership in education that will assist the Education Ministry in its drive to move children from ‘tabula rasa’ (Latin: blank slate).

Telescope School Library  Computer Section
Telescope School Library Computer Section

Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew South East, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, expressed joy that the first library under the project was constructed in her constituency and in particular at Telescope Primary School. She reflected on the impact that Telescope Primary School has had on the development of the community and spoke of the potential of the school to contribute further if it continues to receive the physical, human and technical resources that it needs. “I really want to thank you for what you have done,” the minister said. “It is so meaningful and you are adding to this community. I am convinced that the establishment of this school would have made a significant impact on the lives of the people in the community. The impact can be seen today and what you are doing adds so much value.”

The Government of Grenada is committed to supporting and facilitating the work of Grenada Schools’ Inc., its founders and partners.

The ceremony was attended by Government Ministers, Officials of the Ministry of Education, Staff and Students of the Telescope Primary School and the Sherwood Family, principal founders of the initiative to establish school libraries in Grenada.


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