57 Scholarships Awarded

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has awarded 57 persons with scholarships to attend universities both locally and abroad, to pursue higher education in Arts and Science, Medicine, Pre-Med and Masters in Public Health.

At the scholarship awarding ceremony held on 16 January, Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Hon. Anthony Boatswain, said the government of Grenada recognizes that “the most important investment that any country can make is the investment in the human resources of the country.”

The Education Minister believes that countries that are now leading the world at the national output and productivity levels are those that invested heavily in their human resources.

Speaking to the seriousness of the bonding agreement between the awardees and government, he advised the scholarship recipients, particularly those pursuing studies in the field of medicine, to take the agreement with government seriously.

The awardees expressed their gratitude and promised to take full advantage of the educational opportunity.

The scholarships are valued at over EC$ 18 million dollars.


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