Housing Developments for 2015

Hon. Delma Thomas

“Cabinet has approved new developments for the provision of housing assistance to vulnerable citizens,” said Grenada’s Housing Minister, Hon. Delma Thomas, at last Tuesday’s Post Cabinet Press Briefing.

Speaking to the eligibility of applicants, Minister Thomas underlined that only persons earning a monthly salary of EC$1,200 or less can qualify to receive assistance.

The Housing Minister said persons can receive up to $6,000 for housing repair projects and up to $15,000 for the construction of a new home.

She said for 2015, her ministry is placing much focus on assessing each case to ensure the assistance is merited.

“Although persons have to bring in an estimate, we will have officers going out to assess that what persons are asking for is what they really need… and ensure that the persons who really need assistance get it,” Minister Thomas said.

Also, the Housing Minister said the 2 million dollars available under the Soft Loan Programme has been doubled, and will be extended to public officers in need of assistance.

She said the loan is just one of the benefits that public servants can reap as a result of their shared sacrifice.

“When we started the Structural Adjustment Programme we asked persons to share in the sacrifice for country. When there are rewards, they too, will be able to reap the rewards, so we will be ensuring that workers alike can get access to be able to repair their houses, make additions or to even build a house,”Minister said.

Minister Thomas said housing is among government’s top priorities and when it comes to such a critical issue, political bias should be put aside.“We are a government and we have the responsibility to provide assistance to those in need.”


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