Hunting Season Closed

The Royal Grenada Police Force notifies the general public that effective 1 January 2015 the hunting season for wildlife and gaming species will be closed until further notice.

Persons are reminded that hunting in the closed season is an offence according to law.

Hunting offences on conviction carries a penalty of $1,000.00 or a term of six months imprisonment.

Game Species List

  • MANICOU (Greater Chapman’s Murine) — Opossum Marmosa robinsoni chapmani
  • TATOU (Nine banded Armadillo) — Dasypus novemcinctus
  • MONKEY — Cercopithecus mona
  • IGUANA — Iguana iguana
  • RAMIER (bird) Red-Necked Pigeon — Ramier Columba squamosa

SOURCE: Office of Commissioner of Police, Police Headquarters.

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