UN to Conduct Electoral Needs-Assessment

by Linda Straker

Members of the UN Mission to Grenada on Constitution Reform will be meeting with representatives from Civil Society Organisations on Thursday at the Public Workers Union Conference Room to get their view on the reform process.

Scheduled to start at 4 pm, the four-member mission is of particular importance, as its purpose is to conduct an electoral needs-assessment on the political and electoral environment in Grenada.

They will also focus on the legal and institutional framework governing the constitutional referendum, and the capacity and needs of the various stakeholders, with a view to recommending whether the UN should provide electoral assistance.

“If relevant, the assessment would also recommend the type of assistance that would be provided, and the parameters including the length of assistance and the modalities that govern such assistance,” said the letter of invitation sent to members of civil society organisations.

The mission is led by Mr. Eamon O’Mordha, while the other members are Ms.Sehen Hirpo, Fernanda Lopes and Ms. Michelle Brathwaite.

Meanwhile, women throughout Grenada will have the opportunity to share their opinion on the constitution reform process when a series of national consultations commences on Friday. The first Consultation on “The importance of Women Rights/Gender Rights in the Constitution of Grenada” will be at the National Stadium (Hospitality Center) St. George’s from 9 am to 1 pm.

The second will be on 27 January 2015, at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School at 5 pm, and 30 January 2015 at the Resource Centre, Hillsborough Carriacou. The feature speaker will be Mrs Avril Anande Trotman-Joseph, who has extensive experience and training as a rights-based attorney, and also spearheaded consultations when Guyana was going through its constitution reform.

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