16 to be Awarded at Independence Celebrations

By Linda Straker

Sixteen persons will be recognised by the National Celebrations Committee during the 41st Independence anniversary national rally, for their contribution towards national development since Grenada became an independent state in 1974.

Adrian Francis of the NCC said that the awardees will be presented with a plaque. “These 16 persons would have made contributions in various areas, and in most cases they are unsung heroes in their communities, making the silent contribution with loud impact,” said Francis, who explained that more than 20 persons were nominated to the committee.

“These people’s names and the contributions they made were nominated by individuals, institutions, organisations and companies throughout the island. We could not recognise everyone submitted, so the Committee had to shortlist and in the end there will be an awardee from every parish, including someone from the diaspora, and we broke it down to 16. Some parishes are bigger than others, so there will be situation where there will be more than one person from a parish. I can tell you upfront that there will be one from St Mark, but four from St Andrew,” he said.

Among the areas the recipients will be recognised for are in the fields of: teaching, sports, sport administration, culture and heritage, community service, agriculture, and business.

The National Independence celebrations culminate on Saturday, 7 February , with a grand military parade from Melville Street, and rally at the National Stadium at 9 am. The celebrations began in January, with a number of activities including sporting competitions among schools, and national Independence Calypso competition which took place last week Saturday at the Sauteurs Bus Terminal, was won by Sour Serpent.

The highlight of the rally which is expected to be attended by visiting dignitaries and thousands of Grenadians, will be an address by Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell and the naming of the awardees.

A former colony of Great Britain, Grenada gained its political independence on 7 February 1974, giving the island the right to control both its internal and external administrative affairs.

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