When An Artist Tells You A Secret

The problem with an artist is that they take themselves along where ever they go. Maybe this isn’t as much of a problem as it is a benefit.

When Christina Cornier came to Grenada, she came along with her husband David, who’s purpose was St George’s University Medical School. Christina, a graduate of the prestigious Chicago Institute of Art, looked at Grenada and saw a world of possibilities.

Volunteering her time, she hung art shows, wrote about art for local and regional publications, got involved with teaching craft with the J J Robinson trust, visited children’s homes with others from SGU, and generally has made herself at home.

It is easy to pick up a phone now to send a message — but what if you are talking to yourself? Christina’s one-woman exhibition of watercolours at Art and Soul Gallery explores this very notion. Her sensitive portraits delve into the notion of duality — the more than one voice that is usually speaking in one’s mind.

“These paintings focus on the concept of duality in relation to self-identity. I’ve incorporated the tin-can-telephone to symbolize both the connection and power struggle among our different selves. It’s also an object steeped in the nostalgia of the past.”

Christina Cornier

Tradition in art would reference the work of Frida Khalo, who often painted herself, sitting besides another view of herself. Christina is more influenced by the work of Jenny Saville, who paints luscious large-scale paintngs, with many tones of the flesh creating a world of emotions.

So what is this artist’s secret? Maybe pick up your tin-can-telephone and call her. I think she might just tell.

The work of Christina Cornier has been on display for the last few weeks at Art and Soul Gallery at Spiceland Mall. The show will continue through Saturday, 28 Feburary.

Susan Mains

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