Firearm Holders Reminded to Renew Licenses

The Royal Grenada Police Force reminds all licensed firearm holders that the deadline for renewal of firearms has now ended. Persons who have not renewed their licenses as yet are urged to do so now.

The RGPF also reminds the general public persons that it is illegal for anyone to have in his or her possession, any firearm and or ammunition without authorization from the appropriate authority. Persons who have opted not to have their firearm license renewed are advised to turn the firearm in to the nearest police station or police headquarters for safekeeping.

Failure to do so could result in the firearm being confiscated. Persons are also liable for prosecution in violation of the Firearms Act.

The general public is also advised that persons wishing to dispose of, or offer for sale any firearm, must do so in accordance with the law, which requires that and application be made in writing to the Commissioner of Police. Notwithstanding, the firearm and or ammunition must be in the custody of the police.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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