The Grenadian Alphabet

by Made in Grenada

A Alleyne Francique – National Hero
B Boldface – the way Pastors and Politicians does lie to us
C Comatose  – the state of a political party with no seats in the House of Representatives
D Damaged – the state of the roads
E Empty – the perpetual state of the treasury
F Full – the pockets of those who are most adept at ‘singing for their supper’
G Grenada – a blessed little island in the Caribbean Sea
H Hard-back – the kind of men who prey on innocent young girls
I Ignorance – a necessary requirement to be a politician
J Jam and Wine – the preferred way to conduct political campaigns
K Kickback – a key ingredient in conducting business (esp. Government business)
L Ligaroo – a person who sucks the life out of the system for personal gain
M Millions – the amount squandered, so far, on the Cuthbert Peter’s Park
N Needs – for Pastor, Priest and Politician (SUV, big house etc) for the average citizen (food, clothing and shelter)
O Oil-down – National Dish – everything in one pot (a sign of unity)
P Pure – not the present state of the Carenage, Melville Street etc.
Q Quickly – the speed with which we can switch political allegiance
R Run – National past-time as in; ‘run we mouth’, ‘run for Office’
S St. James – the new name of the parish St. John after Kirani wins his second Olympic gold, in 2016
T Travo – work during carnival and Christmas to stimulate the economy
U Unity – what we conveniently preach when we get embarrassed at the polls
V Victimization – the reward for not being a party-hack or band-wagonist
W Winners – we have had many. From Jennifer Hosten to Kirani James and all those in between
X Xerox – to copy the worse of other cultures and customs
Y Yeast – the only thing that can rise faster than the cost of living
Z Zebra – a person wearing the colors of 2 political parties

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