Tivoli Drummers “Drum Moonlighting”

As part of celebrating their 20th anniversary of existence, the Tivoli Drummers, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, present “Drum Moonlighting” — an evening of story-telling, poetry, folksongs and more, by moonlight.

Carded for Sunday, 22 February, at the Tivoli Cultural Centre, the event seeks to bring persons together to teach as well as nourish and preserve our heritage and the performing arts.

Live band music, steel pan, choreographed performances traditional drumming and ring games are also expected.

“Drum Moonlighting” draws on the era when our ancestors used to sit in a big yard during the moonlight and tell stories and host ring games as they passed their heritage along to the younger generations.

The general public is invited to witness and participate in this cultural event.


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