Vehicle License Registrations


As the deadline of 15 February 2015 for inspection of vehicles with single registration letters numbered from 1 to 2500 and plural registration letters numbered from 1–250 draws close, the Royal Grenada Police Force is urging motor vehicle owners to act early in having their vehicles inspected so as to allow ample time for any changes that may have to be complied with under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.

Inspection of vehicles is currently being undertaken at the following inspection centres.

  • Police Garage, Dusty Highway, St George
  • Pearls Air Strip, St Andrew
  • St David Police Station, St David
  • Gouyave Police Station, S John
  • Victoria Police Station, St Mark
  • Sauteurs Fire Station at La Fortune, St Patrick
  • Carriacou Police Station

The RGPF expresses concern in regards to the number of vehicles which had to turned away from initial inspection.

Vehicle owners are reminded that in order to have an examination in full vehicles must be presented with the interior and exterior thoroughly cleaned. Vehicles must also have all necessary lights — headlamps, indicators, reverse lights et cetera in proper working condition. Lights must be uncolored. There should be no spot lights, sirens and musical horns fitted to the vehicles.

The vehicle should have proper braking system et cetera. Tires including the spare tire should show no signs of defect. Sunshades should not exceed eight inches to the front from the top of the windscreen. Sunshades to the back (buses only) must not exceed ten inches. The inspecting officer must be able to see through the interior of the vehicle from all sides even if tinted.

The tare and gross weight of trucks and vehicle trailers must be written in white on black background on the right side of the vehicle.

Vehicle owners are informed that a grace period of Monday, 16 February 2015 is given for vehicle inspection during this period as the deadline date falls on a Sunday.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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