Absolute Transparency

Chairpersons and CEOs of Statutory Bodies/State Owned Enterprises attending meeting with Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Energy and the Ministry of Finance and Energy

The Grenada government says there will be absolute transparency if any of its state bodies are to be commercialized, said PM Mitchell during a meeting with managers of statutory bodies in St George’s on Tuesday.

Dr Mitchell says privatization plans will be reviewed by an independent committee of public and private sector representatives before submission to cabinet. “They should be an independent minded group giving cabinet that information,” the Prime Minister revealed. “In other words there should be no perception that a friend of the minister or a friend of the Permanent Secretary or friend of the CTO or whoever he or she may be is influencing things behind the scene”.

International institutions have made specific recommendations to the government regarding some statutory bodies. The Prime Minister has insisted that any changes in the operations of state bodies will see an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability.

“The asset is not NNP’s asset. It is not the political directorate’s asset. It is the asset of the people,” said Prime Minister Mitchell. “Though sometimes in the past we have behaved as if it is our thing. It is not ours. It’s the people’s thing”.


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