Festivals Funded by Government

by Linda Straker

The Spicemas Corporation received more than EC$800,000 from Government during 2014 according to documents release to the public through the Upper House of Parliament, and Carnival continues to be the most funded festival from government.

The SMC reportedly received EC$827,000 for Carnival 2014 although EC$700,000 was budgeted according to the 2014 government Estimates of Expenditure. Second in line for receiving government funding was the Independence Celebrations which received EC$600,000, and third is the Grenada Cultural Foundation which received EC$300,000 for its entire operations.

These figures were disclosed as a result of questions submitted by Opposition Sen. George Vincent who asked for a list of institutions, organisations and not-for-profit entities that receive grant funding from government.

According to answers provided by leader of government business Simon Stiell, only seven entities receive grant funding and others are: The Fishermen’s Birthday Celebrations Committee which receives EC$20,000; the Rainbow City Festival which receives EC$15,000 and the St Patrick and St Mark Development Committees which receives EC$10,000 each.

In responding to Dr Vincent question to explain the criteria and terms and conditions under which these grants are made, the written response said: “Plans of activities including a budget are conditions for disbursement of the funds. Reports are also requested to verify the use of funds.”

With that declaration it means that the Carriacou Carnival and its August Regatta which are regarded as national events receive no financial support directly from Government through the Ministry of Culture.

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