Draft Electricity Supply Bill: Final Call for Comments

The Ministry of Finance and Energy reminds all Grenadians that today is the final day to submit comments on the draft Electricity Bill and the Summary of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Bill, to the Ministry of Finance and Energy.
This call goes out to Grenadians, local and abroad, including persons who participated in the national consultation on 25 February 2015.
The draft Electricity Supply Act and Summary of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Bill can be found at http://www.gov.gd/egov/docs/legislations/draft-electricity-supply-bill.pdf and http://www.gov.gd/egov/docs/legislations/summary-public-utilities-regulatory-Commission-bill.pdf, respectively. The document can also be obtained from the Ministry by sending an email to financegrenada@gmail.com or by calling the Ministry at (473) 435-0057.

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