Grand Bacolet to Munich Road nearing Completion

A new road under construction in the eastern part of Grenada, linking Grand Bacolet to Munich is nearing completion.

Workmen are on the verge of finishing the paving work on the road which passes through Mama Cannes. The tough assignments of base course work and drain construction have already been completed.

Project Coordinator Kelvon Burke says the road will be completed in days. “Presently we are at the finishing stage of the project at the end of next week we should hopefully complete all paving work and start doing to make sure that the project is hand over by the required status,” said Burke.

The long-awaited Grand Bacolet to Munich road has long been in the making and residents have been applauding its construction. It runs for more than a kilometer, at an estimated cost of 2 million dollars under the CCC project.

Chief Technical officer Winston Gabriel says the road bears major significance. “It links the eastern main road and the road at Munich, St Andrew,” said Gabriel. “It is very important in the event that it may have any traffic problems or diversions along the main road; this road is a very good loop that carries you straight into St. Andrew.”


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