Tattoo Health Regulation

By Linda Straker

The tattoo business will, in the coming months, be regulated so as to ensure that persons providing that service are practicing their trade on par with national and international health standards.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele said that Government is not facing any pressure to regulate that industry, but it is taking proactive measures as part of its overall goal to provide quality health services to all in Grenada.

“It’s important that there is clear and proper use of equipment, as one can transmit infectious such as Hepatitis, HIV, and other health problems if the right standards or measures are not provided to those seeking the services,” he said.

“We as government are being proactive in that area, so the necessary amendment will be done the legislation which already exists to have the industry regulated,” he said, while explaining that Grenada already has an Allied Health Practitioners Act, and will only require an amendment to include that service under the Allied Health Act, and not necessarily establishing a new piece of legislation.

Steele also explained that other areas soon to be included under the Allied Health Practitioners Act are hairdressers and barber shops. Once the Act is approved and given a date of effect, it is expected that the tattoo business will undergo a transformation, as all those offering the service will have to show proof of qualification to get registered so that a license be granted.

The health minister said that the amendment to the legislation will also provide for deterring minors from obtaining a tattoo, and will provide for a parent or guardian to give consent. A minor in Grenada is any person under the age of 18.

“Those providing tattoo services will be consulted as part of the process, as we seek to regulate that business,” said Steele, who was appointed to the health portfolio as of 1 December 2014.

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