UWI Update on Hope St Andrew Open Campus Project

The University of the West Indies has brushed aside suggestions that the Keith Mitchell administration is to be blamed for the delay in the Open Campus project in Hope St Andrew.

uwi 3Principal of UWI open campus Professor Eudine Barriteau made the disclosure in St George’s after presenting the cabinet with a proposal for the project.

“The feedback is that the cabinet is supportive of the project as we have in fact anticipated, so if they are any misconceptions that there was a delay coming from the government, that is totally incorrect,” Barriteau said.

The UWI Open Campus Principal told local journalists that the search for a reliable architect firm was the cause of the delay. “The Open Campus needed a partnership with a reliable quantity surveying architectural firm and we found that partnership with a firm out of Trinidad and Tobago that has expertise in engineering.”

The Open Campus project in Hope involves two phases during construction: Phase A features the construction of administration offices, classrooms, early child centres and a national archives while phase B involves the building of a performing arts auditorium, areas for agricultural production as well as research and development.


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