Is Grenada a ‘versus’ society? Judge for yourself.

  • Caribs vs Arawaks
  • French vs English
  • Cotton vs Sugar
  • Working Class vs Petit Bourgeoisie
  • Unions vs Governments
  • NJM vs GULP
  • Independence vs Colonization
  • Revolution vs Election
  • Fort Rupert vs Fort George
  • Coard vs Bishop
  • Light-skinned vs Dark-skinned
  • Enlightenment vs Ignorance
  • GBSS vs PBC
  • Town vs Country
  • Anglican vs Catholic
  • Seventh Day Adventist vs Pentecostal
  • Power vs Money
  • Nazim vs Peter
  • NDC vs NNP
  • Green vs Yellow
  • Loyalty vs Survival
  • Agriculture vs Tourism
  • Imani vs GYEP
  • Cricket vs Intercol
  • Common Sense vs Book Sense
  • Promises vs Reality
  • Truth vs Lies
  • Taxes vs Salaries
  • IMF vs Us
  • Kirani James vs Himself

By Dexter Mitchell

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