National Education Accreditation

The Grenada National Accreditation Board (GNAB) is the regulatory body for accrediting post-secondary and tertiary education in Grenada. The Accreditation Act, No. 15 of 2011, is an Act to provide for the National Accreditation Board and to provide for the process and mechanism of accrediting all institutions and programmes of higher education in Grenada and other related matters.

Since launching its operations in January of 2014, GNAB has been developing policies and procedures towards the evaluation of tertiary education providers for the purpose of awarding recognition status to be followed by accreditation.

The Board has completed its work, in relation to existing institutions and programmes that have been established, by either of the following:

  • Act of Parliament
  • Government Agreement
  • Treaty

Educational institutions and programme providers, which meet any of the above criteria for establishment, are kindly invited to submit a written request for recognition by the GNAB, together with the relevant Act, Treaty or Agreement. Upon receipt of such communication, the Accreditation Secretariat will organize a meeting to discuss matters relevant to the Application.

If an institution or programme provider receives recognition status, this means that the institution or programme is an authentic provider of educational programmes, within the State of Grenada. Accreditation can be applied for within three years, following gaining recognition from the GNAB, which is currently finalizing the process for accreditation.

As quality assurance for such institutions becomes increasingly important, for higher education in particular, most employers and institutions require awards and credentials to originate from an accredited institution.

Therefore, it is important for educational institutions and providers to seek accreditation, as it is through this process that the credentials and awards issued by these institutions will be recognized both within and outside of the State of Grenada.


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