Cricket Traffic Arrangements


The Royal Grenada Police Force informs the general public and in particular motorists, of the following travel arrangements for the upcoming cricket game:

Road Closure

During the period 21 to 25 April 2015, Church Street from its junction with Cemetery Hill to its junction with St John Street, will be closed to regular vehicular traffic between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm.

One-Way Traffic

Vehicular traffic will only be allowed to flow one way, in an upward direction, along Cemetery Hill between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm during the period 21 to 25 April 2015.

Flow of Traffic

Vehicular traffic will flow in one direction only around the Stadium, from the River Road end towards Grenlec power plant.

No Parking

No parking will be permitted in the following areas:

  1. River Road, from its junction with Melville Street roundabout to LA Purcell Hardware Store (River Road)
  2. The Western Main Road, from its junction with Melville Street roundabout to Cherry Hill
  3. The Stadium Ring Road, from the Humpback Bridge to its junction with the Western Main Road

All vehicles parked in restricted areas would be towed or taken away.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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