Easter Monday Traffic Arrangement


The Traffic Department of the Western Division informs the general public of the following (traffic) regulations for Bathway and Levera Beaches.

  1. Effective 6 am on Easter Monday, 6 April 2015, there will be limited parking at the Bathway/Levera beach areas. Designated parking areas will be marked, if necessary police officers will direct motorists to those areas.
  2. All vehicles accessing the Bathway and Levera Beaches will enter from Morne Fendue junction travelling through Rose Hill main road.

Exits are permitted ONLY through the River Sallee/Bathway public access road.

  1. Upon entering the Bathway Beach area, drivers are required to make a right turn. Only persons visiting the Levera Beach will be allowed to proceed in the other direction. Persons are advised that parking in the Levera Beach  area is limited
  2. Parking is designated in an area located before accessing the beach front. Persons will be required to park in the designated parking area or on the right side of the road facing the direction of River Sallee public road. Police officers will direct motorists to those areas.
  3. No parking will be allowed within Bathway from the designated parking area through the Golf Course gap.
  4. Vehicles will be permitted to park temporarily for drop off purposes only. After drop off, these vehicles, under the direction of a police officer, will be permitted to access either of the designated parking areas.
  5. There will be a mobile police station operating from the Welcome Center, in addition to roving and foot patrol officers who will be perusing the park and beach front areas.
  6. Persons are advised that all traffic signs which are erected in the area must be obeyed.

NB: As of 11:30 pm all sound/music systems/ DJs must cease.

Persons are reminded to leave all valuables at home, avoid walking with unnecessary items and ensure vehicles are properly locked and secured.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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