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For Grenada’s first Heritage Month celebration, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage and the National Museum are collaborating to bring Grenadians ‘back in time’ through a mobile exhibition of photos dating back to the early 18th century.

Mr Thomas Matthew, Chief Cultural Officer at the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, told the Government Information Service on Thursday that the activity aims to present Grenada’s history to all age groups in an interactive and visual way.

“We decided to do a photo exhibition that would give the public an idea of the way things were, in terms of physical structure; how things have changed; and help them identify locations and their historical significance,” Mr Matthew said.

The flagship heritage activity will pay a one-day visit to each of the parishes, including Carriacou, and will be open for viewing from 9 am to 8 pm. Museum personnel and Culture officials will be present at each site to present vivid explanations of the various historical occurrences and images depicted.

“We are hoping that various schools will come in during the day and when persons come from work that they will come and see the exhibition as well”.

Mr Matthew said the displays around the country will feature a special mount that will showcase what the hosting parish looked like in the yesteryears. “So for instance, in St David we will have pictures specific to the parish. So, people can see what Requin Bay looked like and some of the buildings that were there,” he said. “People will be able to see how the landscape has changed as well as the modes of dress and ethnicity back then”.

“Our intention is to drive the population’s interest in our history and heritage on a whole, and once that is achieved, we will then design what can be done for the upcoming Heritage Months,” Mr Matthew said.

The Mobile Exhibition activity begins exactly one day after the National Museum’s 39th anniversary.

The exhibition runs from 10 to 28 April according following schedule:

Friday, 10 April St David’s Community Center
Corinth, St David
9 am to 8 pm
Monday, 13 April Grenville Market Building
Ben Jones Street, Grenville, St Andrew
9 am to 8 pm
Wednesday, 15 April Digital Photo Studio
Main Street, Sauteurs
9 am to 8 pm
Friday, 17 April 2015 Victoria Hotel
Queen Street, St Mark
9 am to 8 pm
Tuesday, 21 April St John’s Pastoral Centre
St Peter’s Street, Gouyave, St John
9 am to 8 pm
Friday, 24 April Belair Park
9 am to 8 pm
Tuesday, 28 April National Museum
Young Street, St George’s
9 am to 8 pm


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