NDC “March for Anything”

By Linda Straker

With political leader Nazim Burke at the front, supporters of the National Democratic Congress marched through the streets of St George’s on Friday evening in what they labelled a “Peaceful March for Anything.”

Displaying placards condemning the decisions of the current Government as it relates to taxes and fees, as well as what they said is failure to fulfil election campaign promises, the supporters loudly chanted “We want jobs! We want work! We need jobs!”

While some chanted and clapped hands, other blew whistles or made musical rhythms from beating utensils such as spoons and bottles to the chant. Assistant Public Relations Officer, Randal Robinson, in an earlier interview said that the opportunity was one for Grenadians who are fed up with the government to come out and ease their frustration.

There were some concerns about the route the supporters used, as they were seen walking not only through the streets in the central city area but also on Young and Scott Streets. However, Robinson said on Saturday that the march did not go off-route.

“As far as I am aware. Yes, We were supposed to end back at the Fish Market which we did,” he said in responding to some questions which were asked via Facebook, as to whether or not the march was held on the route approved by the Traffic Department.

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