Be Safe This Easter


The Royal Grenada Police Force is urging the general public, travelers and visitors alike to be more vigilant and exercise due caution during the Easter Holidays, so as to avoid becoming victims to criminal activities or unpleasant incidents.

With several social activities expected during the holiday period, lawbreakers are warned that the RGPF has adopted a zero tolerance policy and will be out in full force to ensure the safety and well-being of persons.

Meanwhile, the RGPF would further like to place emphasis on personal and property safety, children, drinking and driving, the elderly, and individuals who indulge themselves in the use of illegal substances and activities and the over-consumption of alcohol.

Persons must properly secure and lock all windows and doors when leaving home and take extra precautions to reduce fire risk in the home by turning off all electrical appliances, gas cylinders et cetera; securing all matches and lighters out of the reach of young children; be wary of persons, especially strangers, loitering in one’s neighborhood and alert the police to all suspicious activities.

Beachgoers are advised to obey warnings posted on the beaches so as to help ensure the safety of themselves, family and other persons and are reminded that alcohol consumption can impair judgment and one’s ability to make good decisions when sea bathing.

Elderly persons, in particularly the sick and children should not be left at home alone and unsupervised.

Motorists are warned that driving under the influence of alcohol can be fatal and that they ought to be responsible on the nation’s roads so as to ensure the safety of other road users, passengers and the public. Persons should avoid drinking and driving.

All offensive weapons must be left at home and persons are reminded that practicing alternative resolutions to conflicts/arguments are important.

With the weather predicted to be generally fair, rock fishers and fishermen in general are urged to think safety, be informed about the weather before going out to sea and be aware that conditions including wind speed, squall and directions may change dramatically while fishing.

The RGPF wishes all a Safe and Happy Easter and appeals to the general public for forbearance, understanding and their support in ensuring Easter 2015 is incident free.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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