Ask Listen Learn programme

A total of 375 students will receive training, as part of the Ask Listen Learn programme, developed by the Washington DC based Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, which leads the fight to eliminate underage drinking.

Students from Grades 4, 5 and 6, from three primary schools, Mt Moritz Anglican, St David’s RC and the St Andrew’s Methodist School, have been selected to participate in the programme. In order to facilitate the delivery of the curriculum, the Regional Beverage Alcohol Alliance (RBAA), a social responsibility organization, will present a laptop and a projector to each school.

Several teachers from the respective schools, received specialized training, as part of a ‘Train the Trainers’ workshop, for the “Ask Listen Learn” programme, on Tuesday, 28 April 2015.

RBAA Chairman, Dr Patrick Antoine said, “We are clearly, within the Caribbean, facing an epidemic, where the statistics suggest that our children are being introduced to alcohol far too early. For some of us, it is not good enough to sit on the sidelines and be commentators. We have to become very proactive, in terms of finding solutions, where they exist, that can assist us in making the inroads we want, into dealing with clearly what is an emerging social problem.”

Dr Patrick Antoine was accompanied by Ms Stacey Clarke from the RBAA, both of whom traveled to Grenada for the workshop, which was facilitated by two of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s (FAAR’s) educators, Ms Genevieve Adams and Ms Elena Sonnino.

This program will be implemented as part of the Health and Family Life Education curriculum of the selected primary schools and is facilitated by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, specifically the Curriculum Unit.

Its objectives are to enhance character development, instill life-skills development, prepare students to become engaged citizens and provide students with the knowledge to not only promote healthy behaviours, but to contribute to success in school and beyond. In addition to being theoretically grounded, the Ask Listen Learn Programme will feature a number of digitally based interactive exercises designed to build critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and healthy self-management.


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