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World-renowned medical charity group CHORES; Children’s Health Organization Relief and Educational Services — arrived in Grenada on 1 May 2015, and during their stay, will render services in the areas of cardiology, physiotherapy, speech, and occupational therapy.

The mission which ends on 9 May, brings the number to 78 in their 26 years of service to Grenada, explained Dr Beverly Nelson – Chairperson of the CHORES support group in Grenada. She said the group visits the spice isle 3 times a year, and this time around, the 9 members that make up the group commenced work from today, Monday.

On this May 2015 Grenada Mission, the CHORES team includes eminent physician Dr George F. Armstrong who has been with the group for many years, and American Cardiologist Dr Jose Ettedgui and his wife, who founded Patrons of the HeARTS. Patrons of the HeARTS is a partnership between the University of Florida Pediatric Cardiovascular Center, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, and the Jacksonville community.

Dr Nelson, in speaking about this visit, added that persons would be seen on the regular referral system, which has been proven to be applicable and makes for efficient and effective delivery of services.

This year, the team is teaming up with a charitable organization at the St George’s University (SGU).

Prior to the arrival of the CHORES team, the organization sent a shipment of medical supplies to Grenada, which was cleared and distributed among some of the wards and departments at the General Hospital.


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