NaDMA Disaster Awareness Quiz

Dover Government School

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) conducted the semi-final round of its Disaster Awareness Quiz on the sister-isle.

The semi-final round of the NaDMA quiz, saw keen participation from the semi-finalists, Dover Government School and Harvey Vale Government School, on the sister-isle of Carriacou, as they came head on in 6 categories, namely: Floods, Hurricanes, Climate Change, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and General Knowledge.

Dover Government School
Dover Government School

A narrow escape of 5 points, declared Dover Government School winner of the NaDMA Disaster Awareness Quiz scoring a total of 285 points against their opponent, Harvey Vale Government School, who scored 280 points.

Sashelle Alves, Jodin McIntosh and Adina Cyrus represented victorious Dover Government School, while Nez Patrice, Elvis Gay and Timothy Stanisclaus represented Harvey Vale Government School.

Harvey Vale Government School
Harvey Vale Government School

Answering the most questions, Sashelle Alves of Dover Government School, was awarded Top Scorer at the semi-finals.

Dover Government School will now meet 5 schools on mainland Grenada on 6 June to participate in the 2015 finals of the NaDMA Disaster Awareness Quiz.

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