Steady Crop Supply

The Ministry of Agriculture is undertaking a new initiative that will ensure an ample supply of various crops.

The core farmers’ programme will focus on the production of a particular crop in one locality.

For example, the north western part of St George’s, is known for producing root crops, therefore the ministry will lend all the support needed, technical and otherwise, to ensure a year-round supply.

“There are areas in St Paul’s where we have tested and found that carrots, for example, do far  better, in the Calivigny area carrots also do very well… we would like to concentrate on farmers there doing more of that,” Agriculture Minister Roland Bhola said.

The new programme is a response to complaints from the public on the scarcity and price fluctuations on the market for various crops from time to time.

Minister Bhola said that government has heard the complaints and core planning is being introduced to keep abreast with consistency in supply on the market.

A technical team comprising different players from the industry will select the most suitable farmers.

Focus will be on crops like soursop, coconut, root crops, carrots, nutmeg and cocoa, among others, as well as livestock.


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