Commonwealth Youth Programme Panel Discussion

Grenada’s minister for Youth, Sport, and Religious Affairs, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, has participated in a Panel Discussion organized by the Commonwealth Youth Programme.

The panel discussion happened as part of the High Level Event of the United Nations General Assembly marking the 20th anniversary of the World Programme of Action for Youth, to highlight youth priorities in the post–2015 development agenda. It provided a platform to address issues related to political will for the Action for Youth and national youth development agendas.

Hon. Pierre spoke of Prime Minister Mitchell’s understanding of youth issues, and indicated that it translates into commitment and support for investment in youth development work in Grenada. That, she says, is real political will.

The Government of Grenada, through the Ministry of Youth, will launch its Youth Participation and Rehabilitation Programme in the month of June 2015. These programmes include initiatives to:

  •  strengthen youth groups and establish the National Youth Council;
  •  create a National Youth Parliament that is established by legislation; and
  •  establish youth rehabilitation programmes that will not only provide support services to young offenders, but which also seeks to identify persons who are at risk of becoming offenders, and work with them to change the trajectory of their lives.

In addressing the panel, the Minister praised PM Mitchell for the demonstration of commitment to youth development that he has shown over the years.

This includes taking personal responsibility for youth after the 2003 general elections; and in the current fiscal year, providing significant resources to enable the Ministry to deliver a balanced agenda of holistic youth development programmes. She noted that while youth no longer falls under the Prime Minister’s Office, PM Mitchell takes a keen interest in the progress of work of that ministry, requests frequent updates, and provides many useful suggestions and recommendations.

The Grenada case was identified as a model for youth development, as it demonstrates commitment and political will at the highest levels.


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