GBA New Executive

Ruggles Ferguson

The Grenada Bar Association at its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 9 June 2015, elected a new executive. The executive is headed by the President, Mr Ruggles Ferguson, Partner at the firm of Ciboney Chambers. The new Vice President is M Alban M John, Partner at the Law Office of Alban M John.

Ms Kim George, Principal at Kim George & Associates, is the new Treasurer while the new Secretary is Ms Thandiwe Lyle, Associate at the Law Office of Alban M John.

The floor members of the executive are Ms Sabina Gibbs, Associate at Ciboney Chambers, Ms Kindra B Maturine-Stewart, Partner at the firm Nigel D Stewart & Associates, Ms Linda Dolland, Senior Associate at the firm Seon & Associates and Ms Cathisha Williams, Associate at the firm Derick F Sylvester and Associates.

The new executive is committed to enhancing public legal education while further developing the system of continuing legal education for attorneys and increasing its engagement with the Government of Grenada in legislative reform.

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