Hurricane Plan to be Tested

Grenada will test its Hurricane plan, when it hosts “Operation Ready”, 25 and 26 June.

The 2–day National exercise put on by the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA), is being used to test the country’s preparedness to effectively deal with hurricanes and Mass Casualty events.

The Hurricane plan will come under the microscope on Thursday, 25 June, responding to a category two hurricane.

The National Emergency Advisory Council (NEAC), Hurricane Shelters, Emergency Operation Centers and other stakeholders will be activated to respond to the hazard.

The Mass Casualty events take place Friday, 26 June with a plane crash in St Andrew and a serious vehicular accident in Grand Anse, St George.

The exercises are being held during the hurricane season in an attempt by NaDMA to boost the country’s preparedness for Hurricanes, Mass Casualty events and other hazards.


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