Licence Required for Import/Export of Specific Goods

The Ministry of Economic Development, Planning, Trade, Cooperatives and International Business hereby notifies all Importers and Exporters, that a licence is required for the importation and exportation of specific goods from CARICOM and Extra Regional countries under the Revised Laws of Grenada (Cap. 314 of Volume 14).

The licence is valid for the quantity specified and becomes null and void after the quantity is imported. If any false information is declared by the importer or his/her agent, either will be held liable for prosecution.

The list of goods requiring an Importation Licence:

These products include: Pasta Products, Flour (Wheat or Meslin), Eggs, Aerated beverages (Soft drinks), Beers, Stouts, Malts, Soaps of all kinds, Aerated Water (other water), Prepared Complete Poultry, Cattle and Pig feed, Furniture of wood and upholstery (chairs, tables, seats, carpets etc), Carbon dioxide and Oxygen.

All import or export licence applications for goods must be applied for using the Licence Module of the ASYCUDA World System that utilizes the Direct Trader Input (DTI) method.

The general public is hereby reminded that Import Licence for the items requiring licence must be obtained prior to importation.

Ministry of Finance & Energy

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