MSU Honors Students for Spring 2015

Grenadian students were featured on the list of honors for spring 2015 at Midwestern State University.

Semester honors are awarded in three categories. The President’s List for students earning a perfect 4.0 GPA featured five Grenadians. Honor recipients are Emma Gay, Renisha James, Schem Maxwell, Khadeen Patrick and Carolyn Thomas.

The Provost list for persons at 3.75 or higher featured Simone Alexis, Naydia Antoine, Sabrena Courtney, Habib Hadeed, Chanice LaTouche, and Orianna Law.

And the Dean’s list for those at 3.5 or higher featured Akeida Alexis, Kimberly Modeste and Johann Redhead.

MSU extends commendation to all the Grenadian students who continue to make the nation proud. MSU is has begun discussions on several areas of cooperation with St George’s university to formalize what has been a cordial relationship over the years. The university thanks the government of Grenada for its continued commitment to this 22 year old program.


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