Tallpree Spices Up Berlin Carnival

By Linda Straker

There is a saying, “Music is the strongest form of magic,” and when Grenadian entertainer Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge performed at the Berlin carnival, last week not only did the audience felt that thrilling experience, but he also felt the unexplained.

“My experience in Berlin carnival is one that will last a lifetime. I performed at many carnivals, I’ve done many shows, but Berlin had me amazed,” he said following the performance.

“Firstly, their reactions to soca music, as you know I speak English, but we were performing to a German-speaking audience. However, despite the language barrier, that crowd with thousands, were able to sing along to the watch lines and enjoy themselves to the fullest with the rotation of songs,” he said.

“The energy of the people in the soca fetes is very similar to any soca show in any Caribbean island, and it’s a wonderful feeling for me. I can say that soca music is going places,” he added.

Hendrik Sievert of Caribbean Fever Entertainment, the entertainment company that was responsible for Tallpree’s performance in Germany, said that Tallpree delivered a performance full of power and energy.

“He moved the crowd with his unique style and brought a taste of the Spice Island straight to Berlin. We were really happy to bring Tallpree to Berlin. It was planned for a long time to have him here, and finally we had it arrange this year. In combination with Skinny Fabulous, he set the venue on fire. When he performed his songs, it felt like you are standing in a fete in the Caribbean. We hope that this won’t be his last visit to Germany,” he added.

Thanking the organising committee for choosing him and Skinny Fabulous from St Vincent to perform at the various events at the Berlin carnival, Tallpree feels that these types of exposure will only work in the best of soca music and soca entertainers, and push it up to a higher level. “Especially for those of us from the smaller islands like Grenada and St Vincent, we are taking soca music far and wide, spreading the music, spreading the magic, and we know that brings great things,” he said.

From Berlin, Tallpree travelled to Atlanta and Orlando, where again, he thrilled thousands with his music magic at different shows. Tallpree’s arrangement to perform at the Berlin Carnival and the USA cities was organised and negotiated by Entertainment Event Company – Spice Concoction and his managing partner Angus Steele.

“I am very pleased that not only he enjoyed the experience in Berlin despite the language barriers, but he also left a positive effect on the organisers, because once they are happy it means that word will spread and this can only work in his best interest as a professional entertainer,” he said.

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