Returning Nationals Programme

The Ministry of Finance and Energy reminds all concerned, that as part of the reforms under the Homegrown Programme, the concessions to Returning Nationals were adjusted as of 9 May 2014.

In this regard, Returning Nationals are now eligible for:

  • 50% concession on a vehicle. The vehicle may be purchased locally, if so desired. The exemption will be valid for 3 years. If the vehicle is sold within 3 years of the concession being granted, the Returning National is liable to repay the taxes forgone. With respect to the environmental levy — vehicles 1 to 5 years old will attract a 2% CIF value, and vehicles over 5 years will attract a 30% CIF value.
  • 100% exemption on all household and personal effects, whether new or used, up to EC$75,000.
  • Tax incentives for setting up business

Please note that Customs Service Charge of 6% is applicable on all imports under this revised Programme.

Persons who can benefit from this Programme must be Grenadian, and must have been living abroad continuously for seven years, and have decided to return to Grenada on a permanent basis. Anyone applying for this Programme must provide:

  • Proof of Eligibility, including, but not limited to:
  1. Valid Passport
  2. Proof of nationality
  3. One-way ticket to Grenada
  4. Retirement letter

The Returning Nationals or “Welcome Home Programme,” as it is officially called, is an incentive package for Grenadian nationals who are returning from living abroad to permanently reside in Grenada.

The Concessions Desk is located in the Ministry of Finance and Energy, Financial Complex, The Carenage, St George’s.

Ministry of Finance & Energy

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