Tragedies at Sea

On Wednesday 29 July 2015, the Vessel known as Mary G which plies the Grenada (Grenville) to Trinidad waters started experiencing problems. It was assisted by another vessel, the Ocean Princess, and in doing so the tow line from the Ocean Princess snapped. The Trinidad Coast Guard was contacted and responded, and the vessels were taken to the Coast Guard base at Chaguaramas, Trinidad, where an ambulance was summoned.  

Two persons were injured. One person lost both legs, and subsequently died; the other suffered a broken leg, and is presently a patient at the Port of Spain General Hospital. The names of these persons are yet to be released.

In a separate incident last week Friday 24 July 2015, a cargo vessel which plies Grenada (Grenville) to Trinidad waters, sank. The vessel, known as Clarion J departed Trinidad on Friday for Grenada, when it started encountering problems, and water began entering the engine room.

The Trinidad Coast Guard was contacted for assistance and responded. They were unable to save the vessel, but the 14 persons onboard were rescued and are in good health.

Arrangements are being made by the agent of the vessel to have the persons repatriated to Grenada.

Source: Officer of the Commissioner of Police

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