Reminders from the RGPF


The Commissioner of Police reminds the revelling public and all concerned that the following should be adhered to:



During the carnival no person shall:

  • Appear dressed in the uniform prescribed for the Police Force or any unit of the Police Force unless that person is a serving member of the Police Force or Unit; or
  • In any costume which might be mistaken for the uniform prescribed for the Police Force or for any Unit thereof
  • Throw any substance, matter or thing likely to cause damage, injury or discomfort to anyone
  • Smear or daub or attempt or threaten to smear or daub on any person any substance, matter or thing
  • Have in any public place any exposed flame
  • Sing or recite any lewd or offensive song




  • During the carnival no person shall wear a mask or a domino, in any public place
  • During the Carnival no shall expose, display or otherwise produce for public viewing, or have on him or with him any animal or reptile including particularly any serpent or other snake, whether or not such animal or reptile be alive or dead
  • During the Carnival no person shall make, sell, distribute, wear, carry, have in his possession or in any manner deal with masks, dominoes, sticks, whips, spiked footwear, or any other offensive weapons
  • Sell or carry alcoholic or other beverages in glass bottles in public places – all such beverages should be cold and consumed in plastic, paper or Styrofoam containers


The Royal Grenada Police Force wishes all a safe Carnival 2015.


Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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