Youth Pulse Returns

Digicel, for the second consecutive year, supports the Youth Pulse programme of the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Religious Affairs.

The program runs for the entire year with nation-wide reach as Youth Pulse events are held once a month in different parishes. A variety of activities are held to engage, entertain and stimulate the youth population of each area and assist in the development of the youth of our tri-island state.

CEO Ciaran Burke shares his sentiments: “All these initiatives fit ideally with Digicel’s key core commitment area of community support, while keeping the youth at the core of everything. Our vision is that as we grow as a business, our communities will grow with us. And what better way to check the Grenadian community pulse than to go parish by parish and feel it through our Grenadian youth.”

Digicel applauds the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs for once again organizing such a positive program with Grenada’s youth at the center of its focus.

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